Restore Your R44 To A Like-New Condition

Helicopter Rebuilds International Inc. can overhaul your R44 back to it’s factory condition. Whether you have reached 2,200 hours or the 12 year annual limit, our team of highly-trained Robinson technicians will help restore your R44 to like-new condition in a timely manner.

2,200 Hour
Overhauls Breakdown

Exchange Components

  • C006 MR Gearbox
  • C012 MR Flight Controls
  • C013 TR Flight Controls
  • C017 Swashplate
  • C018 Clutch
  • C021 TR Gearbox
  • C051 Actuator
  • D174 Fanwheel
  • Engine
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New Parts

  • A120 Bellcrank
  • A190 Drive V-Belts
  • C008 TR Assembly
  • C016 MR Blades
  • C020 Upper Frame
  • C027 Cooling Panels
  • C121-17 P/P Tube
  • C005 MR Hub
  • C158 MR Spindles
  • C159 Pitch Bearings
  • Various small parts & hardware
  • C169 Muffler
  • C170 Sheave
  • C258 Pitch Links
  • C274 Windshields
  • C667 Skid Shoes
  • C947 & A947 Flex Plates
  • D079 TR Guard
  • D224 TR Driveshaft
  • C031 TR Pitch Control
  • C007-5 Fan Shaft & Bearing



  • Required thru S/N 0663
  • Required
  • Required
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Required
  • Required
  • Required
  • Optional, 10001 & subsequent


  • Hydraulic Flight Controls (includes pistol grip)
  • Full-Flow Oil Filter
  • KI-218 Full Throttle Caution Light
  • D575 Pneumatic Front Door Opener
  • C058 Cyclic Pistol Grip
  • C034 Pop-Out Float Overhaul (includes new floats, covers & cylinder exchange)
  • C949 Utility Float Replacement
  • Fuel Bladder Installation
  • Air Conditioning

Unless Previously Installed

Additional maintenance and/or inspections will be required for helicopters with optional equipment, 4400 hours, or if discrepancies are found during helicopter disassembly and evaluation.

Interior Replacement
Avionics Upgrades


Maintenance Manual
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Illustrated Parts Catalog
R-44 II Operating Costs
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